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Hello Gamers,

It's been another long time since I have posted on the developments of Path of Life.

Sorry for that. Life has been doing it's normal thing, you know: busy, Covid-19, etc..

Animation IV: Nocturne has just released and it was an easy decision to purchase it for my game. It has several animations that look darker and will fit in perfectly in Path of Life for the evil side.

I can also report on some improvements. The best one is the ability to reduce the cost of powers and tactics with TP Cost reduction. This is not normally possibly in the default game engine, but I have added that component in to provide more options to the player. This is achieved through the Stat distribution menu, where MP Cost reduction and Floor Damage reduction is now possible (per actor).

Additionally I have made a graphic change to the statuses that display on the main menu. Previously with 4 or more statuses displayed it would roll over top the TP bar. Now it cycles through the states inside a box placed on the screen for the actor.

Effect and CSCA notes are moving along. With Skills, Items and Weapons complete (short of adding more in), leaving just Armour. I have 400 lines to go through, deciding what each armour is providing for features and add in the notes for the effect box and CSCA custom notes.

Finally (at least from what I can remember doing since my last post), I have made a potion that gives extra stat distribution points to an Actor. Making it possible to max out the settings without having to level up.

Until next time

Happy Gaming


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