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Working on the database

Hello Gamers,

I've moved back to the database of the program. Adding in entries for skills. Had to determine what character was going to get which skill and at what level for all 18 playable characters.

Needless to say it took a little while to decide those facts, then it took a few days just to add the information into the program.

Then it was realized that a script needed to be modified so that each skill that was learned more than once at different levels, did not have to be duplicated. As it turns out the script specifying how skills are learned did not allow a single skill to be learned at different levels.

Fortunately a patch was written by a team member and adjusted by other helpful coders, giving the desired result. This prevented the skills database from ballooning to over a thousand entries.

Also the enemies getting added. Now they were already completed, but it did not make sense to us that you would have the entries for the enemies to be scattered all over the monster catalog. So now they are getting reshuffled into the order in which they are placed into the game. This will make the order in the catalog appear similar to the order that you encounter the enemy in the game.

Additionally weapons, armor and items were reshuffled into a more structured order. For the weapons and armor it was done so that the lists would be the same no what side you choose to play.

The items, so that they would be easier to find when looking for a specific item when making the game.

Aside from that there has been only a changes to the game. Graphical fixes and script improvements.

We are continuing to work on the database. Another big part to finish is the skill actions. VE - Animated Battlers.

Until next time players,

Keep gaming

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