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I love scripts, don't you?

Good day gamers,

It's been a while, again. Apologies. Time available to work on Path of Life has proven to be short. So, today's update...

New scripts were found by the RPGMaker community. I went through them all saving a copy of each. then I had to go through and see if there were any of value. And yes there was. I added in 2 scripts ( and removed 4 ). One new feature is sorting items in the item window.

With that I am 100% confident I do not need to be concerned with adding scripts or adding on features (but there are some that could be added, however it will just take more time to develop and implement). With scripts complete, I have finally moved to data input.

I'm currently, as I type, creating the skill database worksheet. One of the files that I will use to try and make a guide book when the game is complete.

That's all for now.

Happy Gaming

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