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Coming Together

Well some good news and some bad.

First the good, I have added in some new scripts to improve performance. RPG Maker Source Effectus & Invenio, plus Khas Ultra Light Effect. Found some bugs and fixed those. Contacted the owner for Dekita teleport script and he is going to modify the script to fix a compatibility bug. When that's complete, all scripts will be working. So this will add some nice smooth game play.

Now the bad, I'm slowing down. My attention is refocused with courses and studying. I'm preparing myself for university entry. So this means that it will probably take longer to finish the game. *probably. Beside the fact that my artist is still working on the first run draft images for the game, I will not be putting much time into the development. But, I won't give it up completely. I actually am going to go back over what I have done and document the scripts I have in the game to create a nice list of features and events. Partly to assist myself with further development and also to make a guide for when the game is complete, players can look at the guide to assist with progressing in the game. Also is a thought to make a walkthrough showing the hidden stuff and side quests, where to find the required items, etc.

Thanks for reading, I hope the anticipation of my game will not be loss.

Keep gaming.


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