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Slow Progress

Hello everyone, New Quest Gaming here.

Welcome to my first blog. I hope to keep players informed with my game development as I work through the in's and out's of game design and play.

Development of Path of Life is proving to be slow. Current script count is at 173 with around 10-12 of those that may be removed if not used and 2 that will be removed when the game is completed. This leaves about 160 scripts to work with in making everything happy.

A recent edition is Khas Awesome Light Effects. I had to adjust some maps because it is very CPU intensive, and I don't have a small rig. 16GB ram, Intel i7 Quad core @ 3.6Ghz, Nvidia GTX 770 2GB video yet the light effect still goes slow at some points.

Some minor glitches are showing and no solution is yet to be found. Thankfully these glitches so far do not affect the game play.

(one character shows a hammer where it is suppose to be a shield, but that is only at the beginning of the game and not later)

Features that seem to work but still require designing are Crafting and Materia. (Yes, I thought Final Fantasy 7 was awesome too)

Mini games are added including Rock, Paper, Scissors; Sliding Puzzle and Invaders. There is a small possibility of adding fishing.

The Rock, Paper Scissors was improved upon to include Lizard and Spock.

Features/Games that were tried and found incompatible were Lockpicking and Triple Triad.

Game completion is only around 7%. This includes the starting town for the good side and bad, three other villages and two caves/dungeons.

And before I forget there are side quests. Currently 7 so far.

One game play feature I recently learned was Kaduki. I now have full design on the characters battle tactics. Although it has one flaw. When the characters fall in battle they disappear and do not stay on the screen. You are still able to select them with a revive spell or potion but you can not see them in battle when they fall dead.

Wish me luck in development.

Happy Gaming


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